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            I am calling this a micro label site even though I am planning on including not only micro labels, but all US labels issued with the government warning, or since 1989.    I am not including the keg collar type labels that just slip onto the keg, but will include the collar type and other keg labels that are actually stuck on the kegs.  I will need the help of the label collectors to make this list extensive.  
I will be using a label designation system similar to George Barone's coaster site, which in fact was the inspiration for this endeavor.  I will need you, the collectors and hopefully the brewers, to fill in the holes and to keep me abreast of the new labels as they are issued.
Labels will be listed under the state where the brewery is licensed, not under the contract brewers listing.  Example:  Pete's was a Palo Alto, CA based brewery, but their beer was contract brewed mainly in St. Paul, MN.  The labels are listed under Palo Alto, CA.  even though the labels say St Paul, MN.  So, if there is a doubt about where to a find label listings from a particular brewery, if it does not show up under the state listing shown on the label, try looking under the alphabetical listings,  under the brewery name listed on the label, instead of the state listings.
If you have any labels that are not included in the guides, and would consider selling them, please let me know.  I am also interested in purchasing entire collections regardless of the size.
Any donation of labels to this project, would of course be greatly appreciated.  Or, if you have labels that are not in the guides, a scan would also be appreciated.  Your name will be listed as the collector, unless you request not to be listed.  Let me know your thoughts and suggestions about the site, both good, and maybe, not so good.
Guidelines for scans:   Please use .jpg file format if possible, at 150 - 200 dpi.   If the label has a white border, please back the label with a different color so that the border shows up.  Do not crop the scan too closely.  Please email me if you have any questions.  I don't want to waste your time and effort, which is qreatly appreciated.
I collect U.S. micro labels only and I have hundreds of U S micro labels to trade.  If you have labels for sale or trade, that are not listed in the guide, or have a Wanted below the label, let me know, hopefully we can work something out.  Thanks......John

John Phillips
1290 Melrose Dr.
Mansfield, OH 44905


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This designation means that the label scan was contributed by that collector.

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